May 8, 2011

For All The Mothers

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Happy Mothers Day

I want to dedicate this post to all the mothers in the world who are with us today or who have passed on, to all those who are going to be mothers or would like to be.  I especially want to thank my mother, because without her i would not be here today. 

My mother and i are very close and we have been through a lot together over my so far 23.5 year existence and i hate to imagine having to live life without her. We have been through my brain tumor, her Breast cancer (along with several recurrences), my shunt breaking, her broken ribs and surgeries. But we are both still alive and kicking because we are survivors and no matter what we are always there for eachother. We cook together every weekend and i always try to find ways that i can help her because she is my mother and i love her to pieces. 

Another woman who is like a mother to be i want to give special thanks to, the woman who helped take care of my brothers and i when we were younger as both of our parents worked full-time, Marie-dou or as i used to call her Mamadou. Now she is like a sister to me since i have known her for so long and she no longer needs to take care of us. But back in the day she did and we always joke about how sometimes it seems that my brothers and i are more like  Philippians than her own kids because of our close relationship with her.  

To my Grandmothers, only one of whom i ever got the chance to meet who has been gone for 6 years this december. Grandma Molnar i wish i could have gotten the chance to meet you and see the woman who my mother got so much strength from and who all in all i have heard was an amazing woman. and to Grandma MacLellan i miss you very much but know that you are in a better place and i am very glad that i at least got to have one grandparent in my life who i learned so much from and know that we are always thinking of you. 

As for my family well that is a long and complicated story but I’ll do my best to summarize:

Our family started off small My mom, father, 2 brothers and myself. over the years and with their divorce it has multiplied it seems; at first we added my step-father and his two daughters, then we added my step-mother and her 3 daughters. If the more the merrier holds true then i must have one very merry family haha. 

I know that i have some great maternal figures to look up to and emulate when i decide to become a mother myself and i am grateful to have such wonderful women in my life. So in honour of those women and all mothers and maternal figures around the world Happy Mothers Day! even though you should not just have one day to be celebrated but should be celebrated everyday for all that you do in the lives of your children be they natural or adopted and for all that you do for those around you. 

Till Next Time 

Enjoy your Mothers Day and let that special woman know how much she means to you! 

–  Lauren


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