July 20, 2011

Onward and upward…

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Ladies and gentlemen I have a home for the next two years, it was stressful and there was drama but it is done. I have already found a little tea shop close by which I have a feeling I shall be inhabiting quite a bit.  Now just working on my list of stuff I need to acquire from Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond, and of course sleep country haha. Have to set up phone and internet with Shaw and then I think I will be set. 

I am excited, nervous, and also scared. this new excursion of my life shall be interesting at least I will not be too far from my dear Calgary so that way if I get too home-sick I can always drive back for a bit. 

I will definitely miss my friends but we aren’t far apart and we all have transport in some way or another so I do not foresee this being a problem. 

I am however immensely looking forward to living in the same city as my Anya! we have not been this close, distance wise, since high school and we have a plan and weekly date and oh it is just going to be spectacular. Not to mention my complex has a pool, this means I can actually swim laps everyday…. I think this may be a fantastic 2 years.  Possession during the first week of august and I’m set! 

Ta Ta for now 



June 28, 2011

Planning & Sunshine

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This summer has brought with it many things, the potential for more opportunity being one of them. By opportunity I do not mean just in the business sense, though that is definitely something I am pursuing, rather more along the lines of lifestyle or relationship choices/pathways. I never quite know what to expect of individuals or even opportunities that cross my path let alone how to best approach some of them to acquire the best result.

Lately I have adopted more of a ” go with the flow ” approach  which has been working for the most part, I guess we will see how it plays out as it seems to be the best suited way to deal with happenings in my life.

One thing that happened earlier this spring/summer that I found amusing was a guy that i had seen several times, before I had to take a little medical break due to personal health issues, then when I talk to him again he tells me he got a girlfriend but that he really liked me just could never “figure me out”. I found this hard to believe as I am a very straightforward not to mention an open book when it comes to understanding or ‘reading’ me. Anyway his loss but it made me think if you really want to be with someone or would like to try a relationship with someone, shouldn’t you be willing to put in the time and effort? after all a perfect relationship will not just be handed to you on a silver platter you have to work at it and for it. But what would I know.

On the business side of things, things are picking up I have gotten some great leads for people who are looking for some new jewelry as well as a few wanting to know more about the business. I am excited to see where this will go as it will be wonderful once I start building my team, not to mention when I start making/saving money so I can buy more product like the FERI shields or some beautiful sterling silver or FERI Mosh items.

Edmonton plans are coming along nicely, this weekend I should be finding out where I will be residing and then can make moving/budget plans accordingly. This summer will be a summer of big changes that is for sure, and I have a feeling they will all be for the better. 

till next time 


May 31, 2011

Hello Summer!

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Well it seems that summer seems to have finally deemed Calgary acceptable of it’s presence  and with that also comes the exciting release of the new sunglasses made by FERI. The FERI SHIELDS released to the website today and I must say they look stunning and I hopefully will have a pair in possession very soon. I browsed through the collection quickly and there is definitely a pair for everyone. So take a quick peek and I hope you find something you like if you do choose to tempt yourself and purchase one.

Also summer for me means the approaching of CFL season and thus returning to my marketing buddies at the wonderful McMahon Stadium for my Stampeders, and my Roughriders when they are in town. which I am greatly looking forward to as none of my teams for hockey are playing and I could care less at this point who wins, though I would prefer it to be the Boston Bruins over the Vancouver Canucks, but that is my opinion either way it is not the Flames so it is of little consequence to me. In other hockey news though the NHL is returning to Winnipeg! YAY! though they may not be called the Jets it will still be epic.

Also this coming friday is my convocation from my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, I am pretty excited and happy about this.  I am celebrating with friends friday and then doing so with the family on saturday.  During the middle of next month my mother and I will go up to Edmonton and find the place where I shall reside for my next two years of education for my post-degree Bachelor of Education specializing in elementary school.

This year will hopefully bring with its new beginning lots of wonderful things, of course with hard work but nonetheless lots of good things. I am excited. I also need to save lots so that I have a cushion in case I run into trouble in Edmonton.  New adventures await hopefully things turn out well and my life continues on the upward path that it has been.

Till Next time


May 15, 2011

Hope for Optimism?

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So I have been noticing a disturbing (well to me at least) trend in how other people view the world, interactions, people, etc. it seems to be very belittling, pessimistic, and untrustworthy…. Being an optimist myself I don’t understand the lack of benefit of the doubt, hope, positive thinking etc that goes along with being an optimist even though it has been shown that having a positive frame of mind in everything you do is beneficial to your individual being. 

By treating someone in positive, respectful ways you are more likely to get that back in equal strength or more but by treating others less than you would like to be treated then the downward spiral of treatment continues and in the end does no good to anyone. 

It saddens me when I see people who have not done anything wrong being treated as if they have, because what good does that do except make the person doing the mistreating feel better about the interaction or circumstance.  I am not just saying this as an outsider because it has happened to me. Since I am naturally a kind, optimistic, positive, understanding person in the past people have taken advantage of that fact and vented or been pessimistic towards me thinking that I can handle it because my attitude will win out in the end, which it does but that does not mean that while the behaviour is going on it does not hurt me emotionally to hear all the negativity. 

negative emotions, behaviours, relationships, and interactions drain all energy that the people may have because it takes so much more energy (at least from my perspective) to be negative than it does to smile and say kind words instead. These types of things are also almost like a virus as they spread the more you come into contact with them. Being positive works in a similar way but there just seem to be so many more negative people in this world compared to the positive, thus making it quite difficult for positive thinking to spread when the majority of people’s interactions are probably negative. It is like the old saying is the glass half-full or half-empty? they are the same measurement it is all about the different perspective one has, I always like to seeing things as being half-full, a that everything happens for a reason so there is no point in regretting because at one point that decision was what you wanted/needed and made you happy and one should never regret any happiness no matter what the final outcome because you can learn something from everything. 

Hopefully when I become a teacher I will be able to slowly mend this perspective and help people see things from the positive side, So I guess we shall see how that fares when I finish that degree in 2 years. Is it too much to ask for the world to be a more positive, tolerant, optimistic place?

Oh well that is it for me today I think. 

Hope you are all doing well 


May 8, 2011

For All The Mothers

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Happy Mothers Day

I want to dedicate this post to all the mothers in the world who are with us today or who have passed on, to all those who are going to be mothers or would like to be.  I especially want to thank my mother, because without her i would not be here today. 

My mother and i are very close and we have been through a lot together over my so far 23.5 year existence and i hate to imagine having to live life without her. We have been through my brain tumor, her Breast cancer (along with several recurrences), my shunt breaking, her broken ribs and surgeries. But we are both still alive and kicking because we are survivors and no matter what we are always there for eachother. We cook together every weekend and i always try to find ways that i can help her because she is my mother and i love her to pieces. 

Another woman who is like a mother to be i want to give special thanks to, the woman who helped take care of my brothers and i when we were younger as both of our parents worked full-time, Marie-dou or as i used to call her Mamadou. Now she is like a sister to me since i have known her for so long and she no longer needs to take care of us. But back in the day she did and we always joke about how sometimes it seems that my brothers and i are more like  Philippians than her own kids because of our close relationship with her.  

To my Grandmothers, only one of whom i ever got the chance to meet who has been gone for 6 years this december. Grandma Molnar i wish i could have gotten the chance to meet you and see the woman who my mother got so much strength from and who all in all i have heard was an amazing woman. and to Grandma MacLellan i miss you very much but know that you are in a better place and i am very glad that i at least got to have one grandparent in my life who i learned so much from and know that we are always thinking of you. 

As for my family well that is a long and complicated story but I’ll do my best to summarize:

Our family started off small My mom, father, 2 brothers and myself. over the years and with their divorce it has multiplied it seems; at first we added my step-father and his two daughters, then we added my step-mother and her 3 daughters. If the more the merrier holds true then i must have one very merry family haha. 

I know that i have some great maternal figures to look up to and emulate when i decide to become a mother myself and i am grateful to have such wonderful women in my life. So in honour of those women and all mothers and maternal figures around the world Happy Mothers Day! even though you should not just have one day to be celebrated but should be celebrated everyday for all that you do in the lives of your children be they natural or adopted and for all that you do for those around you. 

Till Next Time 

Enjoy your Mothers Day and let that special woman know how much she means to you! 

–  Lauren

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