January 4, 2011

New Year Resolutions…

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Every new-years people create goals and missions for themselves for the coming year. Some will vow to lose the weight they’ve been trying to lose for years and make the same resolution every year without success, others will want to save money, relationship changes, etc.  No matter what your resolution it has to be something you believe in and are driven towards wanting to complete, because if you don’t want it then why should you work for it.

I am by no means saying that you should not make resolutions because I make them and that would make me a hypocrite what i am saying however is to make them carefully and with lots of thought so that at the end of this new year you can say you did it

I pledge this year, 2011, that I Lauren MacLellan will put money into a house fund, get more healthy and active, learn something new (activity wise), and most importantly be myself and not sacrifice a part of it for anyone.  I am also going to invest more in my business so that I can prosper long-term and help with my goals of owning a house by the time i am done my second degree.

That said I am going to join a yoga class either at Mount Royal University or at a yoga studio by my house, I am going to try to find a level two salsa class i can attend that does not conflict with classes, I will only pursue and keep relationships that add positive things to my existence no negative, energy draining individuals. I will be successful and do everything to the best of my ability.

I hope that no matter what your resolutions for 2011 may be that you succeed and that they help you be the best you can be.

All the best New-Years wishes to you all


December 19, 2010

Words That Make Your Resume Suck (via Crone and Bear It)

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How you present yourself be it in person, or on paper sets the tone so make sure you “put your best foot forward”

Words That Make Your Resume Suck I remember some time ago reading an article intended to help those seeking jobs by alerting them to certain words or phrases they should not use on their resumes.  The concern was applicants may be using generic language; language that doesn’t specifically demonstrate capabilities.   Over-used, trite, unsupportable phrases make Human Resource Managers cringe.  Six examples were provided: 1.  “Responsible for” — So what?  We’re all responsible fo … Read More

via Crone and Bear It

November 20, 2010


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How and why do we make the decisions in our life?

you know when you are making a decision and sometimes you cannot explain how or why you made it but it just felt right, or didn’t feel right? there is an explanation for why you get those gut feelings that you sometimes cannot explain. A lot of research has been done by individuals within the Natural sciences and the social sciences

There are three questions that our brain asks when considering any decision and those are what, how, and why.

TED Talks – Motivation

TED Talks – Success

October 18, 2010

My Story…

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I am a 4th year university student who is graduating with a BA in Psychology from Mount Royal University. Before this fall my plan was to finish this degree, begin my education degree and start teaching. The thought of having a business of my own on the side never occurred to me because I never thought I would need one. When I began working for Remark marketing in June of this year I met a lovely woman who introduced me to Global Wealth Trade. I ended up joining the company on Sept 16th and I have never looked back. My future because of this decision is now morphing, yes I will still pursue teaching because I love helping others and dealing with children but now I feel as if I will have less stress and more freedom in my life than I would have otherwise.

Why did I make the choice to join? for me it felt right and I did not see a downside to joining it was an investment in hard assets, a business, and most importantly myself. I am not saying this is for everyone but it has been a wonderful experience for me so far.

What does this have to do with anything? Well it demonstrates that as long as you make decisions that you feel in your gut are right then your future can morph along with you everyone is different and you should listen to what you feel is right before what others might say. Outside opinions are helpful, sometimes, but in the end it has to be a choice you make for yourself whether the decision be little or small because in the end if you make it for anyone else you will not be truly happy.

October 17, 2010


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We all start somewhere and work our way forward with the dreams, goals, and ideas that we create. No two journeys are ever the same which is why it makes living our lives for the most benefit is so important. Your life is for you though it always good to be considerate and accommodating to others depending on the circumstance but if you are not happy in your life then something is wrong.

No matter who you are, what you do, where you do it if you live a life being devoid of happiness then accomplishments and successes may never fully be enjoyed because they are not being done for the right reasons or you may be stuck doing something you do not love because of other less meaningful benefits it might offer.

My Suggestion: Happiness comes first, everything else can follow after