January 14, 2011


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We are all guilty of it,  some of us have just come to terms with our procrastinating ways and accepted that it is something that though it may be entertaining and feel good in the end it is not beneficial for anything. Yes at the moment I am procrastinating my readings for my classes to write this blog but I the fact is I am conscious of this.

However I do like to be productive and the past couple days i actually have been successful in this feet. I have gotten two leads for my business, gotten information on another possible, worthwhile investment, ordered my business kit as well as a beautiful pendant and chain from my company :

I should be receiving it next week and am ridiculously excited.

My last semester also began this week and looks like it shall be a busy one which brings me back to procrastination, since I shall have lots of readings, assignments, presentations and the like that come with taking 5 senior classes if I procrastinate I will not be in a good place. So I shall try to be vigilant and not procrastinate excessively.

I have not procrastinated however in the matter of application completion for the universities that I have applied to for the post-degree education program. Hopefully I will be accepted to the University of Alberta so that I can stay relatively close to home but also leave Calgary(living wise) for once in my life. Also the U of A is a beautiful campus and fantastic school, my fingers are crossed.

So my motto for this semester I have decided will be “Do or do not, there is no try” to quote the brilliant Yoda from Star Wars because it is true. I like to believe that we as people can do anything we set our minds to it is just a matter of applying yourself to what it is you would like to do.  I believe that is all i shall leave you with for now.

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December 19, 2010

Words That Make Your Resume Suck (via Crone and Bear It)

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How you present yourself be it in person, or on paper sets the tone so make sure you “put your best foot forward”

Words That Make Your Resume Suck I remember some time ago reading an article intended to help those seeking jobs by alerting them to certain words or phrases they should not use on their resumes.  The concern was applicants may be using generic language; language that doesn’t specifically demonstrate capabilities.   Over-used, trite, unsupportable phrases make Human Resource Managers cringe.  Six examples were provided: 1.  “Responsible for” — So what?  We’re all responsible fo … Read More

via Crone and Bear It

December 1, 2010

Finding You….

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Sometimes we get lost in the world and forget ourselves somewhere along the journey. Finding out who we are all over again is easy for some, while for others it is a constant battle. The problem with this is that if you do not understand who you are, and what you want out of life the decision you make may not be leading you towards reaching them.

Some suggestions that I know worked for me when i was trying to understand myself are:

    1. Taking time for yourself
      • – be it for a day, week, month or even just a couple hours each day you need to spend time with just yourself in o order to see yourself clearly because how others see us and the face we put on for society need to disappear for us to connect with ourselves.
    2. Describe your ideal self
      • make a list of all the qualities that the ideal version of yourself would have both good and bad, now write a list or check off on your ideal list which qualities you possess. this is a good way to see if you are living up to the you you would like to be. It also can work as a chart of growth, the more qualities that match up means that you are heading in the right direction.
    3. Make decisions for you
      • yes our family and friends have great influence in our lives but ultimately it is our life to live. so whatever you want to do with your life make sure that those aspirations and goals are yours and not someone else’s.  If they do belong to someone else you will never feel full accomplishment because part of the joy of reaching our goals is because thats what we wanted, and if we are doing it to please someone else, how does that help us?

Those are the basics that worked for me. I hope that if you find yourself in a state of self-confusion these tips will help.

if you have any questions comment or contact me, hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday.