May 1, 2011

Freedom Part 1

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I know it has been awhile since i posted an original “Lauren” thought so here it is, long-awaited but epic nonetheless …

It’s official, as of Thursday April 28th, at approximately 9 am I finished my degree. The fact that I have finished my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology still hasn’t quite sunk in, probably when I go for convocation on June 3rd it will be realized. But for now it feels good to be done.

I did receive my acceptance for the Post-Degree Education Program at the University of Alberta… I know its in Edmonton, but I think I’ll survive as I only have to be there for 2 years but the University is amazing up there.  So at the end of May I shall be heading up there with some family members to hopefully find the apartment for which my life will continue on in up there.

This summer I shall be doing the S.T.E.P program through the AHS again which will give me 10 weeks of steady work as I wait for the CFL season to start-up again so that I can see my Stampeders in action before I head to our rivalry city. Speaking of rivalries, I have decided that instead of going outside my apartment to enjoy hockey or football festivities (unless I have a group that will protect me) I shall create my own “C” of Red in my apartment so I shall be protected from Oilers and Eskimos fans.

I am just excited in general, moving on to a new phase in my life, it will be different living on my own in a different city. I say this because I have lived in Calgary my entire life so it is a lot of change, but I have no doubt that it will be quite the experience. Now I just need to befriend some people in Edmonton so that I have people I can do Bikram yoga, watch sports, and other fun endeavours with unless all my Calgary friends want to constantly road trip up to check up on me haha.


January 4, 2011

New Year Resolutions…

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Every new-years people create goals and missions for themselves for the coming year. Some will vow to lose the weight they’ve been trying to lose for years and make the same resolution every year without success, others will want to save money, relationship changes, etc.  No matter what your resolution it has to be something you believe in and are driven towards wanting to complete, because if you don’t want it then why should you work for it.

I am by no means saying that you should not make resolutions because I make them and that would make me a hypocrite what i am saying however is to make them carefully and with lots of thought so that at the end of this new year you can say you did it

I pledge this year, 2011, that I Lauren MacLellan will put money into a house fund, get more healthy and active, learn something new (activity wise), and most importantly be myself and not sacrifice a part of it for anyone.  I am also going to invest more in my business so that I can prosper long-term and help with my goals of owning a house by the time i am done my second degree.

That said I am going to join a yoga class either at Mount Royal University or at a yoga studio by my house, I am going to try to find a level two salsa class i can attend that does not conflict with classes, I will only pursue and keep relationships that add positive things to my existence no negative, energy draining individuals. I will be successful and do everything to the best of my ability.

I hope that no matter what your resolutions for 2011 may be that you succeed and that they help you be the best you can be.

All the best New-Years wishes to you all

December 7, 2010

8 Tips for Generating Positive Self-esteem (via Good At Life)

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If you feel good about yourself, and confident with yourself then others will as well

8 Tips for Generating Positive Self-esteem By this point we’ve learned some vital things about self-esteem.  We’ve defined it.  We’ve appreciated why it plays a vital role in successful living.  And we’ve identified behaviors and attitudes associated with  both healthy and unhealthy self-esteem.    If at the end of those assessments you’ve decided you can benefit from improving your own self-esteem, you’re probably anxious to know just how that can be done, and I don’t blame you!  That’s … Read More

via Good At Life

December 5, 2010


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There are some who cannot rest till everything is perfect, or up to their standards. There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist, in fact I believe that no one should ever settle for less than their best expectations/standards. However when it comes to other individuals we must remember that we are all human and are imperfect by nature.

I say that it is not fair to except perfection of others because we all make mistakes, have flaws etc. we can however choose to accept the individual as their version of perfect with their flaws and all but our ideal perfect does not (for the most part exist).

Some may say, ‘soul mates are perfect individuals’, to that I have to say yes and no. No because they are still human and are capable just as any of us are of making mistakes and slip ups, but in a word they are also “perfect” because they are perfect for that other person they are two puzzle pieces that make a whole.

There are many different kinds of soul mates and every individual will have a different number of soul mates. I am luck to have already found one of mine in the form of my best friend. You know you have found them because it may feel as if you are the same person in two different bodies, you cannot imagine not having that person in your life because you may feel as if a part of you is missing, everyone will feel slightly different but in essence your soul mates will be the perfect compliments to your soul/personality/life.

Your soul mates can help guide your life as well as keep you grounded.

December 1, 2010

Finding You….

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Sometimes we get lost in the world and forget ourselves somewhere along the journey. Finding out who we are all over again is easy for some, while for others it is a constant battle. The problem with this is that if you do not understand who you are, and what you want out of life the decision you make may not be leading you towards reaching them.

Some suggestions that I know worked for me when i was trying to understand myself are:

    1. Taking time for yourself
      • – be it for a day, week, month or even just a couple hours each day you need to spend time with just yourself in o order to see yourself clearly because how others see us and the face we put on for society need to disappear for us to connect with ourselves.
    2. Describe your ideal self
      • make a list of all the qualities that the ideal version of yourself would have both good and bad, now write a list or check off on your ideal list which qualities you possess. this is a good way to see if you are living up to the you you would like to be. It also can work as a chart of growth, the more qualities that match up means that you are heading in the right direction.
    3. Make decisions for you
      • yes our family and friends have great influence in our lives but ultimately it is our life to live. so whatever you want to do with your life make sure that those aspirations and goals are yours and not someone else’s.  If they do belong to someone else you will never feel full accomplishment because part of the joy of reaching our goals is because thats what we wanted, and if we are doing it to please someone else, how does that help us?

Those are the basics that worked for me. I hope that if you find yourself in a state of self-confusion these tips will help.

if you have any questions comment or contact me, hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday.

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