July 19, 2011

lolcat literacy (via word and image)

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lolcat literacy I have been pondering about writing something about lolcats for quite a while, but lots of people have been commenting on them, so I have held back. However, I am increasingly concerned about the widespread tendency of people to understand lolcats as devoid of any education and sophisticated use of language. Some people patronizingly link lolcat-language to babyspeak. In order to draw attention to the growing discrimination against lolcats based … Read More

via word and image


December 14, 2010

Time-lapse Photography of the Milky Way (via Goldpaint Photography)

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Looking up at the expanse of the sky at night, with all the stars spread above you always reminds me of how lucky our existence is and how small we are in comparison to the galaxy surrounding us.

Time-lapse Photography of the Milky Way Time-lapse photography has always been an interest of mine. Time-lapse photography consists of taking numerous still images to create a video clip. Now, you might ask, “Why not just use a video camera?” Well, video camera’s cannot create 30 second, single frame exposures. In the time-lapse video above, it took 1,100 images with each of them having 35 seconds of exposure (the shutter was open … Read More

via Goldpaint Photography