December 5, 2010


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There are some who cannot rest till everything is perfect, or up to their standards. There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist, in fact I believe that no one should ever settle for less than their best expectations/standards. However when it comes to other individuals we must remember that we are all human and are imperfect by nature.

I say that it is not fair to except perfection of others because we all make mistakes, have flaws etc. we can however choose to accept the individual as their version of perfect with their flaws and all but our ideal perfect does not (for the most part exist).

Some may say, ‘soul mates are perfect individuals’, to that I have to say yes and no. No because they are still human and are capable just as any of us are of making mistakes and slip ups, but in a word they are also “perfect” because they are perfect for that other person they are two puzzle pieces that make a whole.

There are many different kinds of soul mates and every individual will have a different number of soul mates. I am luck to have already found one of mine in the form of my best friend. You know you have found them because it may feel as if you are the same person in two different bodies, you cannot imagine not having that person in your life because you may feel as if a part of you is missing, everyone will feel slightly different but in essence your soul mates will be the perfect compliments to your soul/personality/life.

Your soul mates can help guide your life as well as keep you grounded.